5 Very Easy Things To Do If You Can’t Think of Anything To Write

Tara Lyn Mallick
4 min readOct 8, 2020
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You know how it goes: You have grand ambitions for writing and the next thing you know you’re looking up the history of the harmonica and researching how to make your own beef jerky.

You also know how it feels to scroll your life away on Medium, looking for tips, tricks and inspiration. Some of these articles are helpful, some are more of the same old story: Research and write about what people are reading! Just sit down and start writing! Don’t research — write about your passions!

After a while, reading tips and tricks just becomes a tactic to distract yourself. You KNOW it’s true. I mean, that’s probably what you’re doing right now.

I started writing on Medium a little over a year ago and I’ve published a handful of articles, but most of them have been curated. I’ve had three publications feature my articles and I was recently named a Top 50 writer under #blacklivesmatter and #racism. A recent post received almost five thousand reads.

Now you might say, YOU SURE HAVEN’T PUBLISHED A LOT, Tara. And to that, I would agree, but what I have published has been fairly successful. I’m confident in my skills and I know where to look for ideas.

Ideas are 95% of the battle.

Anyway, I want you to stop scrolling and get back to writing, so here are my 5 things:

☎️Pay attention to what you talk to your friends about

When you’re sitting around with your pals, what are you talking about? How much you hate the electoral college? Sports? Being a mom? How your anti-depressants aren’t working? Your inability to advance in your career? Why your kids won’t eat anything but chicken nuggets?

What are the things you get into passionate discussions about?

When COVID was in its early stages and my parent friends were freaking out about making schedules, homeschooling and elaborate science projects, all I could think about was TV. There was so much mom-shaming surrounding putting your kid in front of a TV, I couldn’t take it. I turned all of that irritation into a post within 10 minutes. It was curated and picked up by a publication.



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