Has everyone forgotten what the Minneapolis Police Department first reported?

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Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo’s testimony at the trial of Derek Chauvin has been said to be “unprecedented” and as “piercing the blue wall of silence.” There has been all kinds of speculation as to whether or not Arradondo’s testimony will inspire others to hold officers accountable.

Will this be a new era of policing, where police departments refuse to cover-up for the deadly behavior of members of their force? Will police be held accountable for breaching their duty to serve and protect? …

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First step: Get yourself a broken dishwasher.

Second step: Make sure the repairman brings up the presidential debate and says that both sides are liars. Start getting sweaty.

Third step: Start sweating A LOT when he blurts out, “Lemme ask ya something. What do you think about white privilege?”

Oh, boy. How much time does it take to fix a dishwasher?

After telling myself not to panic, I told him that it’s a real thing. White privilege is real.

He clasped his hands, shook his head and said, “Oh, I disagree.”

Oh, boy. Here we go.

He gave me the…

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It might not be exactly what you think.

Let’s just get right to it, shall we? Here is a list of things that have happened to me, in no particular order:

  1. I spent an hour driving around looking for my lost phone. I asked restaurant employees to dig through their garbage and went to AT&T to find out what I still owed on it (a lot). I combed parking lots and dug through crevices in my car while I left my family waiting for me at the mall. My phone was in my purse the whole time.
  2. For two hours…

I guess I can shred this paperwork now.

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He’s a good guy, my husband. He’s an accountant and he’s witty as hell (I know, these two usually don’t go together). He loves playing music, shooting hoops with our son and relaxing with a terrible B movie. Toss a Totino’s Party Pizza in the mix and he’s in heaven. He has a great laugh and loves his family.

But what doesn’t he love? Voting.

This has been a point of contention between us for years. I consider myself a progressive. I’m a social worker, an ally, an advocate and a feminist. Bernie Sanders is my idea of a dream…

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Donald Trump called his campaign staff today and said that Dr. Anthony Fauci, is a “disaster” and an “idiot.” He said that people are tired of the virus.

Well, no shit.

Everyone is tired of this. My coworker just got diagnosed. One of my best friends has it. A friend’s grandma just died from it last week. My son can’t go to school, I am working from home. We had to cancel our dream trip to Rome. Friends have lost jobs and my disabled clients are isolated and depressed.


But, you know what? You…

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Six weeks. Ruth Bader Ginsburg died with only six weeks to go before the election. The timing could not have been worse.

She was a fierce champion of equal rights. She was an independent woman. She was a bad ass and the Notorious RBG. As only the second woman on the Supreme Court, she became a powerful symbol for girls and women, with her lace collar and ambitious life stacked with impressive accomplishments.

She was someone for young women to look up to, an icon who made it to the top of her class at Columbia Law School. …

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You know how it goes: You have grand ambitions for writing and the next thing you know you’re looking up the history of the harmonica and researching how to make your own beef jerky.

You also know how it feels to scroll your life away on Medium, looking for tips, tricks and inspiration. Some of these articles are helpful, some are more of the same old story: Research and write about what people are reading! Just sit down and start writing! Don’t research — write about your passions!

After a while, reading tips and tricks just becomes a tactic to…

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Twenty-five of us had gathered in the school parking lot — the majority of us white. We congregated to discuss safety, anti-racism and problems with the police. Introductions were made, light banter was had and we were ready to do this. We didn’t quite know what “this” was, but we were going to figure it out.

And then a Black woman pulled up in her car and all hell broke loose.

Let me back up a second, though. I live in South Minneapolis. This is the neighborhood that holds the annual May Day Parade that is full of old hippies…

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“You own everything that you happened to you. Tell your stories.” — Anne Lamott

Anne Lamott rules. She’s self-deprecating, loves to tell stories of transformation, and hates Republicans. She’s like that cool older aunt who is a little bit cranky, but it’s all good. She’s so hilarious and wise that it doesn’t matter.

She writes about things that we all care about: loss, broken relationships, and love. You know, the universals. Her talent is something that I may never replicate, but I’m going to try.

When I discovered that she had written a writing how-to book, I thought I had…

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George Floyd was murdered on May 25, 2020 just a few blocks from my house. The 3rd Minneapolis Precinct was set on fire just a few blocks away in the other direction. My family lived right in the middle of it all: the helicopters, the explosions, the fires and the smoke. This lasted for days.

I was enraged and heartbroken over the callous ending to George Floyd’s life. I knew that the police had to be abolished. I didn’t need them to protect my family and they certainly weren’t protecting anyone else’s.

Since his murder, the Minneapolis City Council has…

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